Free Children’s Activities

The Livermore Rotary Fun Run offers six tented areas of children’s activities. These activities are completely free and open to the public. Livermore Rotary InterAct students facilitate these activities under the supervision of Rotary Volunteers. Supervisors have undergone FBI fingerprinting and background checks. These activities occur during the same time as the Farmers Market and Parents can shop for organic vegetables while their children participate in the joys of sugar-free Halloween games.

Time: 9:00a.m. – Noon
Place: Carnegie Park
Location: Activities take place along the “J” Street side of Carnegie Park.

Description: All 5 tents are clearly marked with numbers and names, and each tent will have its own theme. Parents or Guardians may walk their children from tent to tent, in a relaxed, shaded environment, and enjoy their coffee from Starbucks while their spouses run the race. The activities have been selected both for their “fun” appeal as well as their educational merits.

Tent #1: The Pumpkin Tentkids-10

This colorfully decorated tent will feature a multitude of pumpkins for children to paint, with non-toxic paints and brushes, or fingers! This activity was a huge favorite last year, and even the adults spent time painting the pumpkins. Once done, the children may take the pumpkins home and display them on their porches just in time for Halloween night!!

Good For: Hand eye acuity, Tactile Exploration Game, sorting and decision making. Includes: small pumpkins (that can easily be handled by a two year old) will be available for painting and taking with them. Stencils and other art supplies will be available such as quick dry, non toxic paints, etc. No toy rewards are given out at the end of this activity as the pumpkin itself is the reward (accomplishment).

Supervision: 1/3 ratio

Tent #2: The Pokey Pumpkin Tentkids-5

This artfully decorated tent will feature a large “Poke a Pumpkin game”. This game allows children to walk up to a large pumpkin board, and POKE a hole through it with their index finger, to find either a trick or a treat inside. If a trick, the child will be asked to do something such as recite the ABC’s, sing Twinkle Twinkle, count backwards, etc. and may retry the game.

Good For: Tactile Exploration, and wonder.

Supervision: 1/3 Ratio

Tent #3: Bobbing For Apples

This tent will be decorated with hay and apples, and will feature several buckets of GREEN apples floating in water. The child will bend over the bucket and try to retrieve the one RED apple that was placed inside especially for them. The child tries to retrieve the apple without the use of their hands.

Good for: Sensory perception skill building.

Supervision: 1/7 Ratio

Tent #4: Spider Web Walking Game

This tent will be decorated with spiders, spiders, spiders…and more spiders. A walking web is built within the interior, and children will be required to keep both feet on the web as they pick up all the spiders lying around it and place them in a cup. For older students, ghosts will be placed ON the web, which children must carefully step over, keeping both feet on the web at all times. Once all the spiders are collected in a cup, the child may redeem them for a special Halloween Prize.

Good for: Balance, hand eye coordination, and control, gross motor, and fine pincer skills.

Supervision: 1/1 Ratio

Tent #5: Witches Brew Toss Game

This tent will be decorated with witches and cauldrons. A field of cauldrons will be placed within the tent. The child will toss a soft beanie into the cauldrons to retrieve a treat.

Good for: Very young toddlers, hand eye coordination.

Supervision: 1/3